ETICS Conference



After December 11, 2019, the European Green Deal may set a new strategy for economic growth in EU countries. Its goal is to transform the EU into a fair and prosperous society, living in a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy that will reach zero net greenhouse gas emissions in 2050. What also matters is that the assumptions of the European Green Deal tell apart economic growth and the use of natural resources. One can hardly imagine an effective transition of EU economies and societies to new tracks without the participation of the insulation industry. The new goal set by the European Commission: Europe as the first climate-neutral continent means changes and the need to review and redefine existing attitudes. In this new situation, it is worth asking the fundamental question for the industry: why are we using insulation systems? Of course, as every year, many other questions will be asked during our meeting.
I cordially invite everyone interested in progress, economic growth and solving problems related to climate and the natural environment to Ożarów Mazowiecki on September 9-10 this year. We will talk about the most important task facing our generation.

Jacek Michalak
President of the Polish Association for Thermal Insulation Systems


Members of the association