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Eric Las Ms.C.

Eric Las Ms.C.

Noviocon/EUMEPS technical advisor

Eric Las received his professional engineer title in 1977 at HTS Arnhem. He is also a graduate of the Technical University of Delft (Netherlands), where he obtained a master’s degree in architecture from the Faculty of Construction and Building Physics. Since 1983, he has been professionally interested in thermal insulation of buildings as an ETICS adviser at EnergeAdvies, Sto Isoned, and Kingspan Unidek, and from 2015 as an adviser for legal regulations. Over the years, he was a member of national and European standardization and certification committees, dealing with energy efficiency and fire protection of buildings.

“In search of the Fingerprint of the ETICS kit”

Author will discuss more than 40 years of experience with well-performing systems and the possible unknown risks related to the optimization of its components. Experience often used to prove the performance of ETICS, gathered in the last decades, is often non-public information, and research on the performance of ETICS and its components are often to be classified as not scientific. Is this a problem or a challenge? How to proceed when the description of a well-performing system is only a prerequisite for a long-term good result, and the application is the most decisive factor for the final result? The presentation is based on authors view on 35 years in ETICS and research by Dr. Oberhaus (Dortmund) and FIW (München).

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Eric Las Ms.C.
Noviocon/EUMEPS technical advisor

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