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The scope of the Conference
  • Directions of changes in assessment of insulation systems
  • Harmonised European technical specifications compared to national provisions in the Union market
  • Insulation workmanship certification–balance between technical and economical aspects–experiences from Austria
  • Ukrainian market of insulation systems–technical requirements, prospects for development
  • Construction market supervision–inspections and case law
  • Large-scale tests of spread of fire through external walls–trends and experiences
  • Use of phenolic foams in ETICS
  • The role of aggregates in adhesive mortars in ETICS
  • Acoustic insulation of ETICS
  • Fire protection of buildings versus ETICS
  • Fire safety of facades–requirements and recommendations
  • ETICS and sustainable development of the construction industry


  • Justyna Beczkowicz, Building Research Institute, Warsaw
  • Gennady Faryenyuk – State Research Institute of Building Constructions, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Clemens Hecht, Arge Qualitätsgruppe Wärmedämmsysteme, Vienna, Austria
  • Marian Kaczmarek, Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining, Katowice
  • Zdzisław Naziemiec, Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials, Kraków department
  • Małgorzata Niziurska, Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials, Kraków department
  • Ralf Pasker, European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems
  • Michał Piasecki, Building Research Institute, Warsaw
  • Jerzy Rutka, Polish EPS industry association (PSPS)
  • Roman Sobczak, Main Office for Construction Supervision, Warsaw
  • Magdalena Wasiak, Building Research Institute, Warsaw
  • Lutz Weber, Fraunhofer–Institut für Bauphysik IBP, Stuttgart, Germany