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The Association for Thermal Insulation Systems (Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Systemów Ociepleń – SSO) is a sector organization of leading Polish manufacturers of materials for the implementation of exterior wall insulation systems. The Association’s aim is to popularize comprehensive technological ETICS solutions with documented quality, guaranteeing comfort and safety of use. Initiatives undertaken by the SSO support the development of energy-efficient and sustainable construction. The Association also promotes the proper performance of facade works and standards for using thermal insulation systems.

The SSO has already had fifteen years of successful activity. There are specialized working subject groups within the organization, whose task is to implement the mission and the tasks set before the Association. The results of this cooperation include, among others, professional publishing houses: “Guidelines for the performance, evaluation and acceptance of facade works” and “Operating manual for thermal insulation systems”. The SSO’s educational activity focuses on substantive preparation of training in the use and operation of thermal insulation systems, participation in lectures for various audiences interested in this subject, preparation of expert articles for the sector and business-oriented press. The organization brings together 31 companies manufacturing complete external wall insulation systems and manufacturers of complementary materials. The members of the SSO also include two other sector associations.